Maximilian Doebler Appointed Chief Business Officer of HMNC Brain Health

MUNICH, 22. August 2022 – HMNC Brain Health (“HMNC'' or the “Company”), a clinical stage precision psychiatry biopharma company, pioneering the development of personalized therapies powered by predictive companion diagnostics, announced today the appointment of Dr. Maximilian Doebler, previous Head of Business Development & Licensing of HMNC Brain Health, as Chief Business Officer.

In his new role, Dr. Doebler will be responsible for all business and corporate development activities at the Company and will assume full responsibility for partnership agreements. He will also be the lead in developing strategies for potential deals that will allow HMNC Brain Health to fulfill its mission and build value for patients and shareholders, among other roles.

“Precision psychiatry is a new and exciting frontier, essentially acting as a disruption to the general practice of psychiatry. Dr. Doebler’s extensive knowledge and experience in corporate development will play a crucial role in helping HMNC advance our unique pipeline for targeting both major depressive disorder and treatment-resistant depression,” said Dr. Hans Eriksson, Chief Medical Officer at HMNC Brain Health. “Dr. Doebler has already been a critical part of HMNC’s growth journey, and we are looking forward to having him join the executive board to incorporate his expertise in securing additional mutually beneficial partnerships.”

Dr. Doebler’s years of experience in business growth will allow HMNC Brain Health to advance its work in collaborating with other innovators in the industry and help the Company work to change the current approaches to mental health care. Most recently, Dr. Doebler served as Head of Business Development & Licensing of HMNC Brain Health, as well as Head of Operations. Prior to his roles at HMNC Brain Health, he was a Project Manager at Maschmeyer Group, venture capital firm, and Governance and Assurance Manager at KPMG. Dr. Doebler received his Masters in Law and Juris Doctor (J.D.) in Law from Paris Lodron University Salzburg.

“We are at an important crossroads in the mental health industry. Never before has there been this much public awareness - and acceptance - of mental health disorders. What we are doing at HMNC is looking to provide patients who are suffering with better options than the existing standard of care, which has not changed in the last several decades,” said Dr. Maximillian Doebler.

About HMNC Brain Health

HMNC Brain Health (HMNC Holding GmbH) is a global precision psychiatry biopharma company, pioneering the development of personalized therapies, powered by its AI platform and predictive companion diagnostics suite, leading to far shorter treatment durations, higher remission rates, and low side effects. The company develops a unique pipeline for targeting both Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD). In addition, in a joint venture with Develco Pharma, the Company is also developing an oral-prolonged release formulation of racemic ketamine that combines the rapid efficacy of ketamine with superior tolerability and convenience, to provide an enhanced treatment option for TRD. The Company has operations in both the US and Germany and is backed by a renowned global VC, several family offices, and a strategic healthcare investor.

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