HMNC Brain Health’s pipeline of novel compounds and companion diagnostics is ready for clinical proof-of-concept trials and commercialization.

HMNC - Brain Health
  • The Ketabon program, a joint venture between HMNC Brain Health and Develco Pharma in Switzerland, comprises an oral prolonged release formulation of ketamine that could significantly advance the medication of treatment-resistant depression (TRD) for numerous patients, thereby offering shorter time to remission, higher efficacy, and lower side effects.
  • The Nelivabon program comprises the Phase-II-ready compound nelivaptan and the matching molecular diagnostic test, targeting 30% of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) patients, suffering from dysfunction in the human body’s stress system (HPA-axis).
  • The Cortibon program comprises best-in-class CRH receptor 1 antagonist, together with a companion diagnostic. The yet preclinical Cortibon program complements the more mature Nelivabon program and could help leverage the potential of HMNC Brain Health’s pipeline with respect to treatment of stress-axis related MDD.
  • The standalone pharmacogenomic test ABCB1, which is already on the market, optimizes treatment with currently available antidepressants.
  • The PTSD blood test, outlicensed to Polaris Genomics, is a unique genetic tool to identify individuals at risk of developing PTSD.

With a scalable IP platform, HMNC Brain Health is set to flexibly grow and commercialize its portfolio via in-house developments as well as in- and out-licensing agreements.