Enabling physicians to assess their patient’s response to treatment

HMNC Brain Health’s ABCB1 test allows for the prediction of the clinical response of patients to commonly prescribed antidepressants.

Thus, the patients’ individual disposition can be incorporated into treatment decisions and a suitable medication and correct dosage can be selected more quickly. This increases the likelihood of a rapid response to antidepressants.

Currently, P-glycoprotein (P-gp) substrates, representing 70% of the antidepressants market, are less effective for two thirds of the patient population, due to their P-gp gene variant, while simultaneously producing a high rate of side effects.

This is exactly where the ABCB1 test takes effect. It determines the individual P-gp genotype, thus enabling physician and patient to find a personalized and accelerated depression treatment from the beginning. The test contributes to a better quality of life, thanks to shorter treatment durations, higher remission rates and, at the same time, reduced side effects and a lower risk of relapse.

A meta-analysis based on more than 2,600 patients in various independent clinical trials confirmed the great clinical benefit of the ABCB1 test.

The ABCB1 test is already on the market in Germany, Switzerland and France.